Oldtown, Idaho: Value of Proper Tree Care

Oldtown, Idaho Trees

One of the towns in Bonner County is Oldtown. This small town on the Idaho – Washington border is located on the Pend Oreille River, East of Newport, Washington. On its total land area, plenty of trees are visibly and increasingly growing. One of the main reasons why Oldtown’s most common industries fall under agriculture, forestry, and hunting. These trees help the entire community boost up the economy and give more value to the industry but as these trees mature, a lot of risk and danger-related concerns has also come along the way.

Because of this, homeowners are highly advised to focus and concentrate on leaning ones, and on trees with lot drooping branches, as these types of trees can bring hazard to your family and entire community. To help you understand more about this topic, we provide you substantial details about how trees reduce home values, and increase risk to your neighborhood.

The Value of Proper Tree Care

Having said that Oldtown, Idaho has numerous variety of trees, giving enough focus and concentration of a homeowner is duly recommended. Provided below are the two main reasons why you should exert effort on proper and regular caring of your trees.

1. Risk of Breaking or Falling Branches

If a tree is not properly groomed and regularly maintained, there is a huge possibility that its branches may fall. It may result to destruction of valuable properties like home, car, fence and outdoor possessions. In most cases, the consequence of falling branches either leads to reduction of the value of your property and increasing the cost for your home recovery. Worst comes to worst, this event may also bring life misfortune: body injury or even death of a family or one of the members of your community.


Prune trees with cavities and dead limbs, and remove dead trees to avoid potential breaking off branches especially heavy and huge limbs. Regular assessment of trees most especially those that are suspected to be hazardous.

2. Fire Danger

Who would have thought that trees can be a factor of an extensive fire? Yes! You read it right. Numerous occurrences of wildfire were reported over the past years. Major responsible to fire’s volatility is being blamed to dry, dying and dead trees. These kinds of trees are more flammable than the trees that are still healthy and alive. Intense heat and high wind can start up a fire and can eventually heat up and burn these trees. This can cause to char a thousand of acres, affect number of families, and destroy worthy properties. Worst case scenario? Fire occurrences near power lines and power poles. A tree near power poles and lines that is massively eaten up by fire can start sparks and stimulate huge explosions.


Transplant/Relocate/Remove trees near power lines and power poles to avoid future massive and extensive fire. Trimming, Pruning and Removing dry, dead and dying branches to help avoid being a combustible, and also help maintain and save a healthy tree.

A tree that has not been properly and regularly maintained has more threatening and perilous effect than a properly cared tree. With so much value and probable hazard associated with your trees, it is advised to have a professional tree care specialist support. Call for a local arborist today!

For professional, high quality and affordable tree pruning, tree removal and other tree services in Oldtown, Idaho and other near areas in North Idaho and Eastern Washington call Northern Lakes Tree Services for an expert consultation.


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