The beginning of Northern Lakes Tree Service started more than 25 years ago and specializes in low-impact tree removal. Started in 1993 by the ambitious outdoor enthusiast Damon Bretthauer, Northern Lakes Tree Service began with only a few well-used tools, chainsaws, and climbing gear—paired with a less-than-perfect truck—to carry out tree service around the local area.

Since then, the business has grown, becoming renowned for its innovative technique of low-impact tree removal that takes extra steps to protect surrounding lawns, driveways, and walkways while tree service is performed. To this day, Northern Lakes Tree Service prides itself on giving clients a reliable, efficient service that leaves their lawns and landscapes unscathed. We know people work hard on their lawns and landscaping and don’t want to see it carelessly damaged or destroyed; we tread lightly.



Damon Bretthauer