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Near the confluence of two pristine rivers is the community of Priest River, a city in Bonner County, Idaho. Located in the northern part of the state, the city is at the mouth of the Priest River on the Pend Oreille River. The city has a diversified economy reflecting the changing times of the American West and is currently driven by the tourism and timber industries. Priest River holds forth magnificent scenery, tremendously varying recreational activities, and warmhearted people.

While some of the residents of Priest River decided to stay and enjoy their lives in the city, most of them preferred leaving the city lights behind. Many residents chose to occupy the wooded areas surrounding the town in all directions: to the east of Sandpoint, to the west toward Oldtown, to the south across the Pend Oreille River into the Hoodoos, and to the north up Highway 57 towards Priest Lake. There are varieties of trees that are growing in the area, including leaf trees, larches, firs, and pines. Residents are recommended to look after their trees regularly. Assurance of healthy and trimmed trees is a must to ensure the safety of property and the wellness of the family as well as the community.

Priest Lake, Idaho, Tree Care Information

Having said that, to have different varieties of trees growing in Priest Lake, Idaho, residents should know how to maintain trees surrounding their properties. This practice will surely help the avoidance of any tragedy brought by unhealthy and unmaintained trees. It is important to remember that prevention is always better than cure. So start assessing your trees now before it is too late. To help you with this dilemma, provided below are a few tips and tree care information.

1. Assessment of Trees

Tree assessment can be undertaken only by understanding the trees and their value to people. Residents must regularly examine if the trees in their yard are healthy, dead, or dying. Some of the factors in identifying dead or dying trees are indicated as follows:

• Decay or Cavity at the Root System

• Fungal activity or fungal bodies growing anywhere out of the tree

• Broken branches with poor wound closure

• Dead wood and branches

• Pest Inhabitation

• Trunk damage

• Bare Branches

2. Determine the course of action.

After assessing the state of the tree, be it healthy, dead, or dying, the owner must think of the best course of action to be applied to maintain its wellness.

• If the tree is determined to be healthy, the owner must still regularly inspect and maintain its growth. Do not overwater or overfertilize. This must depend on the age of the tree. If the tree is already mature, the assistance needed is very little. Know when to trim and prune the tree. This is to remove dead, damaged, and diseased branches to help prevent insect and decay organisms from entering the tree.

If the tree is determined to be decayed or dead, tree removal should be done promptly. These kinds of trees have a great probability of falling onto your property and endangering the lives of passersby.

3. Seek out a professional tree service company.

If you are still unsure how to tell if your tree is healthy, dead, or dying, seek out a professional tree service company in Priest River, Idaho, that can help you loosen your burden. For professional, high-quality, and affordable tree removal and tree care maintenance services in Priest River, Idaho, and other nearby locations, call Northern Lakes Tree Service for a free tree assessment (targeting either an immediate concern or something that should be addressed in the near future).

For a free estimate or assessment, contact:

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Name of client: Jolene Duffy

Location: Tree Top Lane, Priest River

Project: Removal of 16 Dead Trees, Wood, and Brush Hauled