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Essential Lawn Care Tips

By Webmaster | May 24, 2018

A well-maintained lawn defines the outdoor elements of your home. Having a healthy lawn is a perfect foundation of creating a beautiful garden for your extra activities and recreation. It also improves the landscape of your house. Many of the homeowners are aiming to have a well-organized lawn; something that resembles a smooth and lush…

Methods of Tree Pruning

By Webmaster | April 20, 2018

Tree pruning is an essential way of caring for the health and growth of the plants. It is done with purpose for it has a big role in in determining how a tree grows, observe their growing pattern and restrict their rapid growth. It also helps protects the structural integrity of the tree, while other…

How Mulching Can Help Trees

By Webmaster | February 26, 2018

Climate is one of the proofs of the word “change”. It always changes in a particular place and time. Because of that, other factors may also be affected like people, animals, plants and trees. During winter, the latter stop growing. They undergo a process called dormancy but the good news is there are tree services…

Revamping Importance Of Trees: Think About It!

By Webmaster | February 26, 2018

Trees are very important to humans. They have many roles in our society like food-provider, a shelter not only to people but also to a number of animals.  Also the leading product used in the production of paper, and absorber of rainwater and even flood. Trees are everywhere. A forest will never be a forest…

Winter Is Coming! So Is Northern Lakes Trees Services

By Webmaster | February 26, 2018

Winter Pruning Winter is known to be the coldest season of the year. It is always associated with freezing temperatures, sleet, hail, freezing rain, and snow. For us, humans, it is very hard to endure the coldness brought by the season. It can cause snow blindness, norovirus, seasonal depression, and influenza. It can even cause…

Winter’s Not Over Yet- Try Northern Lakes Snow Removal Services

By Webmaster | January 5, 2018

Winter is the coldest season of the year, it is when snow fall like pouring water covers everything in white. People wear their jackets, scarfs, boots and almost everything just to warm themselves up. Even their home and properties are covered in snow, blocking some areas that requires plowing, blowing and shoveling. We thought we…

Snow removal – plowing, blowing and shoveling – Priest Lake, Idaho

By Webmaster | December 29, 2017

Priest Lake, Idaho – Snow removal – plowing, blowing and shoveling.  No snow is too deep for us to handle. Call to get on our route, or call when you need us. If you need roofs or sidewalks shovel give us a call cell 208-610-3718 Phone 208-443-3600.       If you need TREE ? SERVICE Call Us!…

Tell Me A Story

By Webmaster | November 30, 2017

Trees tend to be tall and can live long; by growing taller they are more able to compete better for sunlight. Trees are part of our environment. It can be found anywhere and mostly in provinces wherein modernization is not yet achieved. Many people heard about Arbor Day, a holiday which encourages individuals and group…

Evade Holocaust, Plant Trees, Save the Earth

By Webmaster | November 28, 2017

Maybe for some, a tree is just a tree, it may come and go, it is just important when it is needed. But for others, saving tree is saving the earth, our home. Source: https://ecofoundation.it/eco-friendly-come-stile-di-vita/ Millions of trees are being killed and destroyed every day in exchange of new buildings, malls, and infrastructures. It is alarming…

What you Need to Know About Common Christmas Tree Types

By Webmaster | October 1, 2017

Source: http://www.goodwp.com/nature/15538-winter-snow-spruce-branch.html Noble Fir This Pacific Northwest native has a full, rounded silhouette thanks to thick, silvery-green needles and branches that stick straight out from the trunk. Its symmetrical shape makes it a great pick, and the super strong limbs can support heavy ornaments. Balsam Fir With long, flexible needles, ranging from bright green to…


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