Tree Health

Trees can live for a long period of time. Some reach several thousands of years, depending on the type, safety and security, preservation, and human management. Unfortunately, some eventually die, either from natural causes or human killings. These trees require attention and care to remain healthy and long-lived. So why is it important to maintain a healthy tree in your community?

Tree Health

Healthy tree

A healthy tree in your backyard naturally creates a harmonious, peaceful, and aesthetically pleasing environment. It balances ecological and environmental values. Besides the fact that trees cool and provide shade to the streets, parks, and cities, they also provide a canopy and habitat for wildlife. Rest assured that healthy trees provide safety and wellness for your family and the entire community. Damage and destruction of property will surely be avoided. Healthy trees are undeniably the most important contributor to achieving a high quality of life by bringing natural elements and wildlife habitats into urban settings.

Now, try to inhale the fresh air and embrace the cool breeze coming from your healthy trees. Ask yourself these questions.

1. Isn’t it spiritually and emotionally calming?

2. Would you rather be devastated by having an unhealthy tree than experience the advantages of a healthy tree?

We hope you find the best answer to the above questions. Assess and monitor your trees today to know if there is any symptom arising from a tree health issue before any harm or danger arises. Contact a professional arborist to help you inspect your trees and assess their condition.

Unhealthy tree

The major reason why you should know how to distinguish an unhealthy tree is to minimize and totally eliminate the significant risk that it possesses. The detection of ill health depends on the initial recognition of symptoms. Some of those symptoms can be easily identified, and some are not. To enlighten you on ill health in trees, we provide you with the following signs to look for in determining an unhealthy tree:

Signs of an unhealthy tree

1. Presence of mushrooms at the base or on the tree

All mushrooms are fungi, but not all fungi are mushrooms.” The presence of mushrooms may indicate a positive sign that a tree may already be dying or dead inside. Many mushroom-producing species are important decomposers, particularly of wood. This means that the existence of mushrooms requires decaying material to grow and thrive. If you notice the sudden growth of mushrooms around your tree, call a certified arborist to inspect and check the potential risk that it may pose.

2. Dead wood or dying limbs

Dead branches and trunks are the most visible signs of an unhealthy tree. They are dry, extremely brittle, and lifeless. They are hazardous and very unpredictable. Dead wood and dying limbs can break and fall at any time, which may cause the destruction of property and harm to your family. These signs are very dangerous and require immediate attention.

3. Cracks

The existence of cracks can be a sign of an unhealthy tree. It is a deep split through the bark, extending into the wood of the tree. Cracks and splits may occur due to the temperature and location of the trees. When it is cold, frost cracks usually arise. The progress of cracks usually indicates the extreme danger of a tree. It has the chance to develop circumferential separation of wood internally, which can lead to an entire failure.

4. Weak branch unions

Branch unions are considered weak when an area of branches is not securely attached to the tree. It occurs when the bark isn’t as strong as the wood. It also occurs when two or more similarly sized, usually upright, branches grow in close proximity and bark grows within the branches.

5. Decay

This sign is one of the hardest to distinguish. The formation of cavities and decay develop from the inside out. It can affect the roots, sapwood, or heartwood of a tree. You might want to consider looking around the base of the tree and branches to see if there are mushrooms, soft crumbly woods, peeling barks, or hollow and rotten areas.

Act immediately!

If you notice any of these signs, consult a certified arborist today! Working with a professional tree care company ensures the best approach and high-quality service for any tree health issue. Keep in mind that “prevention is always better than cure”.

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