Landscape Maintenance Services

The Art of Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance is the art of retaining a healthy, aesthetic appealing and safe yard. This process eases the burden of the homeowners by giving the assurance of an ideal landscape. Through regular maintenance, you can achieve a more beautiful and attractive lawn. Landscape Maintenance can also diminish lawn issues in the future.

Though landscaping seems to be an easy-to-accomplish and fun activity, homeowners are advised to hire a professional tree care company.  This is to guide you accordingly with proper landscape planning and implementation. Furthermore, landscape maintenance requires physical exertion and skills as well as knowledge of usage of special tools and supplies.

For landscaping maintenance services in Northern Idaho, Eastern Washington and other near areas, Northern Lakes Tree Service Company is at your service. Our dedication to maintaining beautiful landscapes has led us to successful lawn and tree maintenance and services. We help our clients manage their landscape issues by providing continuous communication and immediate attention. Maintenance activities and services varies depending on landscape features and design.

Landscape Maintenance Services

  • This provides a finished, professional appearance to the landscape. Adding bed of mulch instead of grass breaks down, fertilizes your plants, and prevents weeds. It also retains soil moisture and insulates plant roots by preventing the sun from baking soil surfaces. This process also allows water to penetrate soil reducing run off and reduces weed growth. All of these are possible while enhancing visual appeal of your landscape.
  • To support a healthy plant growth, the use of fertilizer is recommended. Keep in mind that amount and type (chemical or organic) of fertilizer depends on lawn: kinds of plants, growing beds, climate and condition of the soil. To ensure proper and timely application of nutrients to your lawn, ask assistance to a professional lawn care maintenance.
  • Mowing. Proper mowing of lawn is one of the secret keys in keeping your lawn healthy. The right height of cutting your lawn depends on the type of grass, the season and the growing conditions. This process creates a low maintenance, drought-tolerant lawn. Always remember to check the lawn before mowing and wear proper clothing. Doing this job is quite hazardous. It requires extensive knowledge of how equipment works and keep safe.
  • This process removes existing weeds and add herbicide. Use caution when using weed preventer because they will not only kill weed but also nearby plants. Early identification of weed and prompt removal can alleviate probable evasive problems. Eliminate before they germinate.
  • Selective pruning controls the size and shape of shrubs and trees. Pruning away dead and dying branches stimulates trees/plant growth development. In addition, using this method will allow trees and plants to bloom to their full potential creating healthy, lush, extra appealing and interesting landscapes. Pruning improves the total welfare and natural shape of the plant/trees.
  • Insect control. Many insects can potentially damage your lawn. Understanding the lawn damaging insects and knowing the associated risk will help you better care for your lawn and investment property. This sometimes leads homeowners to buy natural household chemicals to kill pests using their own hands. But have you ever thought of the threat that it may pose and the health issue that it may compromise? Hire a professional care specialist today to do the job for you.

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