Tree Care and Maintenance

Tree care and maintenance is vital to uphold and sustain the health of our ecosystem as well as the beauty and value of our home. It is the key to prevent loss and maximize the value of our investment property. To ensure consistency in proper health and growth conditions of your trees, Northern Lakes Tree Service is here to loosen your burden. Our tree care maintenance services ensure to manage and achieve aesthetic appeal and overall wellness of your trees. We provide appropriate services to your trees depending on their needs and demands.

Tree Care and Maintenance

Proper Tree Care

With proper tree care and maintenance, related risk in your property and danger in your community will be lessened and will eventually vanish. Provided below are simple steps that can be useful in proper tree care and maintenance.

  1. Water your tree and plants regularly according to their needs.
  2. Provide proper fertilizer to ensure heathy growth and development of trees.
  3. Protect your trees from soil compaction. Excessive soil compaction delays root growth and therefore reduces the ability of plant to take up nutrients and water.
  4. Prune dead and broken limbs at the appropriate time of the year to remove hazardous branches and attain structural integrity of the tree.
  5. Act immediately as soon as you recognize pest problems on your trees. Do not wait those pests to fully damage and cease your trees’ growth. Resolve promptly to minimize any potential destruction.
  6. Remove low hanging limbs and branches that may fall to your home, car, nearby smaller trees or other structures.
  7. Hire a certified tree specialist to help you obtain proper tree care and maintenance. You may schedule an annual tree inspection to identify both hidden and visible tree health issues and weaknesses. You may also contact them whenever you notice changes or conditions that can bring hazard to your family and community.

Understanding the significance of tree care and maintenance

To help you understand more why you should practice proper tree care and maintenance, below is the list of importance you should take note.

  • Stronger and longer life span of Trees. Proper care and maintenance of trees contributes in attaining its general safety and good health. It also improves the vitality of your trees. Your trees will become stronger and can withstand heavy winds and storms, persistent pests and diseases. 
  • Avoidance of risk in family and community. A well-maintained tree can no longer invite risk that can threaten your life, your family and the entire community. If a tree is properly trimmed and pruned, no branches, dead or dying will hang and can accidentally fall to bystanders. 
  • Increase in value of investment property. Regularly practice of tree care and maintenance helps achieve enhancement of your home. Well-groomed and maintained tree contributes to the aesthetical value of your entire property. It helps your backyard/surroundings attain perfect curb appeal by continuously improving your trees’ natural form. 

Call your local arborist today!

To determine where to start with your tree care and maintenance, contact our tree specialist today for free estimate/assessment. Northern Lakes Tree Service provide an affordable, high quality and professional tree services such as: Tree Removal, Tree Pruning and Shaping, Stump Grinding, Topping and Thinning, Tree Planting and Transplanting, Lawn Care Services and Landscape Maintenance Service.

We provide the following services in North Idaho and other near locations:

  • North Idaho – Priest Lake, Priest River, Oldtown, Sandpoint, Ponderay, Bonners Ferry, Cocalalla, Diamond Lake, Sacheen Lake, Rathdrum, Spirit Lake Twin Lakes, Coeur d’Alene, and the Hayden Lake area.
  • Eastern Washington – Newport, Deerpark, Elk, Spokane County and Spokane area.

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