What you Need to Know About Common Christmas Tree Types

Common Christmas Tree Types
noble fir Christmas tree types

Noble Fir

This Pacific Northwest native has a full, rounded silhouette thanks to thick, silvery-green needles and branches that stick straight out from the trunk. Its symmetrical shape makes it a great pick, and the super-strong limbs can support heavy ornaments.

balsam fir christmas tree types

Balsam Fir

This classic Northeastern tree gets the award for Christmassy scent, which can perfume a whole room. It sheds very little, and its look is similar to the Fraser fir, with dark green needles that slop upward to a slender top.

douglas fir christmas tree types

Douglas Fir

One of the most popular Christmas trees in the Pacific Northwest, this fir has sifted blue-green or dark-green needles that give off a fragrance when crushed. Lighter in weight than other varieties, it can be easier to transport home and manipulate in a stand.

fraser fir christmas tree types

Fraser Fir

You can tell a Fraser from a balsam by the pair of silvery stripes on the underside of each needle. Concentrated in mountainous parts of the South, Frasers have sturdy, upturned branches that are ideal for showcasing ornaments; they also retain their needles better than

scotch christmas tree types

Scotch Pine

With long, flexible needles ranging from bright green to bluish, this pine has a soft, fluffy look. Grown in the Eastern States, Scotches have firm branches and dense foliage; they are best paired with bold ornaments that won't get lost in the boughs.