Essential Lawn Care Tips

A well-maintained lawn defines the outdoor elements of your home. Having a healthy lawn is the perfect foundation for creating a beautiful garden for your extracurricular activities and recreation. It also improves the landscape of your house. Many of the homeowners are aiming for a well-organized lawn—something that resembles a smooth and lush green carpet. But what does it take to have a good lawn? What are the tips to have a successful one for your home? Northern Lakes Tree Service provides you with the following useful tips to help you get started on your lawn:


Weeding provides a sustainable space for your plants. It helps decrease weeds such as crabgrass and dandelions that harm the growth of your garden. Many homeowners avoid using herbicides not only because they are expensive but also because they do not guarantee a positive impact on the soil and kill the weeds. Moving is very helpful to battle against weeds, for it is beneficial for reducing humidity below the plants, loosening the soil, and cultivating the plants for more growth and development.


Another tip to include in your routine is watering your lawn deeply, especially during hot weather conditions. It is not necessary to water your lawn regularly, but how you water it In hot conditions, your lawn needs deep watering in order to survive longer and not go brown quickly. When water reaches the root of the soil, it provides more nutrients for your lawn to stay green, nourishes your soil, and prevents pests.


It is advisable to mow your lawn when the grass is dry, as it will keep the disease from spreading. Cutting the lawn can be done once a week during the summer or maybe once or twice during the spring. It is important to have proper timing for when to mow your lawn. Too early may cause weak roots, and too late may disrupt the health of your lawn. Keep in mind that having dull blades affects the neatness of the grass, so it is better to sharpen them at least twice a year. Having a healthy lawn requires not cutting over 1/3 of the height of the lawn to block out weeds and withstand periods when extreme heat is present.


Before you apply fertilizer to your lawn, water it thoroughly about a day before. Feeding helps your lawn look greener and healthier. Feeding them with proper fertilizer develops their roots deeply and nourishes strong and full blades. After applying fertilizer, wash it lightly to replenish food reserves in the soil. Feeding the lawn is vitally important when you want to make your lawn achieve the correct balance of nutrients needed for its development and growth.