Evade Holocaust, Plant Trees, Save the Earth

Maybe for some, a tree is just a tree, it may come and go, it is just important when it is needed. But for others, saving tree is saving the earth, our home.

Evade Holocaust, Plant Trees, Save the EarthSource: https://ecofoundation.it/eco-friendly-come-stile-di-vita/

Millions of trees are being killed and destroyed every day in exchange of new buildings, malls, and infrastructures. It is alarming that in every generation, there is a reduction in the number of trees. Deforestation is one cause of this phenomena. It is the process of clearing Earth’s forests on a massive scale, often resulting not only to the loss of a large number of trees but also causes damage to the quality of the land. Also, deforestation can be one of the leading sources of climate change. Without trees, the soil will not be protected from the direct heat that comes from the sun. Removing trees will stop the forest from blocking the sun’s rays during the day, and holding the heat at night. This distraction leads to more extreme temperature swings that can be harmful not only to humans but also to plants and animals.

According to studies, at the current rate of deforestation, the world’s forests can completely vanish in hundred years. Can you imagine the world without trees? That is a great loss for us. Without trees, there will be no forest. Without forests, millions of species will lose their habitat. Eighty percent of Earth’s land animals and plants live in forests, and many cannot survive the deforestation that destroys their homes. Not only had the species of plants and animals dwelt in the forest but also the indigenous people, who get their basic needs from the nature. Trees also help maintain the water cycle by returning water vapor to the atmosphere. Without trees, our world will definitely loose its color and its life.

So if we want to save the earth, we should start the change now. We all know that we cannot easily stop deforestation because this operation provides the world’s wood and paper products that are all important in the industry. But, we should find a way to prevent trees from decreasing and one of the solution is tree-planting. Through planting young trees, we can replace the older ones. We can increase the life of forests and save our home. Everyone should cooperate and think of their own ways on how to conserve our forests. All of us should be good contributors for the betterment of nature. We should encourage the youth in loving and protecting our mother earth through saving the lives of trees.

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