Northern Lakes Tree Service Customer Satisfaction

In my very first year of doing tree service in Northern Idaho and Eastern Washington, there was a man at Priest Lake by the name of “Idaho Jack,” who was a local fixture at the lake. He did everything from tree service to construction. Jack was an artisan with a chainsaw and ax, and it didn't matter if he was building a log home or doing tree removal; he basically used the same two tools on every job.

Idaho Jack was literally a legend around the Priest Lake area for his craftsmanship, and I am proud to say that I was lucky to have worked with him.

One spring day in 1994, Jack called me to see if I was interested in climbing and topping some trees for complete removal at the home of Marc Brinkmeyer in Coolin (owner of Riley Creek Lumber Mill in Laclede). Idaho Jack and I went to look at the job and came up with a price. The next morning, my crew and I showed up to the job and started in. This was the first time I had worked with Jack on a job. He, being in his mid-60’s and doing tree service for the last 40 years, had his way of doing things, “if you know what I mean.” Jack's way of doing tree service was methodically planned out and carefully executed so that limited damage to the landscape and lawns would occur. My motley crew and I—not so much! We were all young and didn't have the understanding that we have now.

So there I was dragging logs across the lawn and landscape when Jack, not so quietly, came over to me and told me the way it was going to be on his job. He said, “We ain’t logging! We’re Tree Servicin’” (if that was really a word). The things I learned in the woods didn't apply here in tree removal. You see, logging is fast-paced, and they don’t have to be concerned about moss, landscape, lawns, or irrigation. When doing tree service, we have to be concerned with all those things. Jack went on to say, “If somebody needs logging done, they should call a logger, but if they need a tree removed, they should call a tree service.” Since that day, my crew and I have taken Idaho Jack's low-impact ideology to every job site that Northern Lakes Tree Service does. Our approach to every job is safety and what is in the best interest of our customers and their property”.

The usual method of removing trees around homes is to climb, limb, and top. Then we cut and remove the tree in sections so as not to destroy the surrounding area or damage the healthy trees still standing.

As we are doing the removal, the tree climber and ground crew work together so that when a limb or round of wood is cut and falls to the ground, it is quickly grabbed and placed in the truck, so the work site remains clean and safe.

Any standing tree that we are able to fall from is always climbed and secured with a rope so that we are able to guarantee the direction the tree will fall in.

As all of our customers will tell you, Northern Lakes Tree Service does an awesome job of clean-up on every job site, from raking it clean to using our Echo Industrial back pack blower on all the roads, walkways, decks, roofs, and gutters, everything is clean!