Priest Lake, Idaho

Priest Lake is considered to be a destination for year-round adventure and vacation. Located in the northern most portion of the Idaho Panhandle is an area with a  spectacular backdrop, where you can experience and enjoy a myriad of recreational opportunities. Today the lake’s biggest draw is tourism. Several private resorts and popular camp grounds have sprung up around the area.

The location is also considered to be a hiker’s paradise because of its pristine variety of wildlife both in and around the lake. Not only the Priest Lake’s community can experience and enjoy the magic of this spectacular environment but the visitors and tourists enjoy it as well. Trees surrounding the area increases the property value and saves energy that helps the economy and beautifies the community as a whole. To maintain this kind of healthy, natural, safe environment a quality "Tree Health Care" program is highly recommended.

Tree Health Care

Trees are like people. Care and Maintenance is a requirement to remain healthy and strong. Routine tree health inspections are vital to managing insects and diseases helping trees to thrive in an urban environment. For a healthy and well maintained trees we have provided below are some key points of interest.

1. Management of Insects and Diseases.

Maintaining tree health through pruning and optimizing soil condition is a good place to start. Insects and diseases can attack any tree during the growth season. This is one of the primary reasons why trees get weak eventually attract unwanted attention that can even  kill other trees and shrubs. If there is an occurrence of tree stress, wilting, leaf loss, dying or drying branches etc contact our professional arborist for an immediate assessment of your trees. Inspections to detect infestations before damage occurs are ideal. We can help you identify and diagnose insects and diseases. We have treatment programs that provide quality health care for your trees.

2. Maintenance Plan

Consistency is the key! A "Maintenance Plan" provides the framework for consistent and continual care of your trees and plants. The presence of trees in public areas and highly populated communities can present a degree of risk to people and their property. This plan aims to provide management strategies to ensure the longevity and quality of our trees. The purpose of this planning is to provide a clear and consistent method for managing trees including a maintenance and condition inspection schedule. Services offered include inspection of the trees and plants, their growth environments, annual pruning, disease control, insect management, fertilization and mulching.

3. Small Lot Management

Selective thinning of trees, fuel load reduction, ground clean up and pest management are the key to small lot management. If you own wooded property, learning to maintain the ecosystem properly will lead to increased health and diversity. Some of us hesitate to do anything to our woods either due to lack of time, knowledge or of fear tampering with a delicate ecosystem and its wildlife. If this is the case, it is highly recommended to seek out professional assistance or to at least find a qualified person to provide instruction on steps you should take.

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