Revamping Importance Of Trees: Think About It!

Trees are very important to humans. They have many roles in our society like food-provider, a shelter not only to people but also to a number of animals.  Also the leading product used in the production of paper, and absorber of rainwater and even flood. Trees are everywhere. A forest will never be a forest without trees. Nature will not be complete without trees. Imagine a building without using woods as its foundation. It will be easily destroyed. Ancient people would never discover fire nor create it without using woods from trees. See? Trees are very important to us that’s why people tried to find some ways on how to preserve and take care of them. One of these ways is the tree service. Humans not only provide services for each other but also for the nature.

Even though the season, by nature, is changing, the tree services will never stop. Whether it is spring or winter, there are still ways on how to take care of trees. Just like now, winter is the dominant season, the season of snow and cold weather. Although the health may be at stake, the concern and services of humans are still extended. In fact, the dormancy of trees during this period is not a hindrance, instead, it became advantageous on their part because they could easily detect and prevent the growth of diseases.

Since trees brought a lot of benefits to us, it is a must to give back something good for them in return. They should be protected, not destroyed. They should be loved, not abused. Whether we like it or not, God has given us the responsibility to take care of the nature so we should accept and follow it wholeheartedly because it is a part of being a human.

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