Tree Care Maintenance in Priest Lake, North Idaho

Priest Lake, North Idaho has a pristine variety of wildlife both in and around the lake. The standard bear, grizzly bear, deer and moose can be seen throughout the area. Diverse kinds of trees in different sizes can also be found. Today, biggest draw in Priest Lake is tourism. You can see variety of community houses, several large resorts and popular camp grounds.

From the 1890s logging has played an important role at Priest lake. A healthy tree increases worth and value to one’s property, decreases risk to your own family, beautifies surrounding in your community and saves energy that helps the economy. To achieve healthy nature and safe environment in Priest Lake, regular preventative maintenance should be practiced. An effective tree care maintenance program includes: tree inspection and hazard assessment, tree pruning, tree removal and soil management can help achieve economic and aesthetic value to your property and Priest Lake’s community.

Tree Care Maintenance

  1. Tree inspection and hazard assessment

Trees offer wide range of significant benefits to our home and cities. They provide tremendous beauty to the environment. However, trees may cause danger.  Trees or part of trees may fall to people and properties and cause injuries as well as damage and destruction. It is the owner’s responsibility to inspect the strength of the tree and the hazard that it may bring to your family, neighborhood and own property. Once hazard and stability of the tree is recognized, proper steps and procedures may be taken to reduce the probability of the tree to damage property and injure someone.


  1. Tree Pruning

No branch should be removed without a reason. To improve tree structure and enhance vitality, pruning is often required. Pruning is the process of removing dead, diseased and insect-infected branches of trees. This procedure requires special equipment and proper knowledge and training. In some cases, this work involves climbing high trees, usage of dangerous and heavy equipment like chainsaw and removal of large limbs. Arborist and Professional tree service company can assist to perform the job safely.

  1. Tree Removal

If tree can no longer be saved and is recognized to be hazardous in your community, it is highly advisable to seek for a certified arborist or professional tree service company. Tree removal is a highly technical task that requires knowledge of a well-trained and qualified professional. Removal of trees addresses the wellness and aesthetics of the landscape as well as the safety and liability of the host and adjacent properties.


  1. Soil Management

Soil management is another important tree care maintenance. To correct many deficiencies that limit growth, proper fertilization based on plants needs are to be practiced. Drainage systems or grading can help correct saturated soil conditions. Sometimes, the nutrients of the soil may be adequate, but soil PH level may prevent uptake. Proper care and proper testing of soil is recommended to know what treatments are needed to be applied.

Poorly maintained trees, can be a significant liability. Risk and danger levels can arise anytime. Worst comes to worst, destruction of property and injury or death in your community may exist.  Tourism in Priest lake can be also be affected. Call a professional tree service company that can ease your pain.

For professional, high quality and affordable tree removal and tree care maintenance services in the Idaho Panhandle call Northern Lakes Tree Services.


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