Why I Should Maintain my Lawn

Why I Should Maintain my Lawn

A good lawn can sometimes describe how well we are as people. The overall appearance and the ambience and vibe our lawn gives us can sometimes leave us with a feeling of peace and contentment when looking out the window or just sitting outside the house. But how can we achieve this? How can we have a worry-free and safe environment in our home? What can we do to make our lawn presentable not only to our eyes but also to our friends who’d come when you least expect them?

Having a good landscape cannot be achieved by leisurely cutting and clearing trees discriminately according to nature. This can be both uncaring on our part and, at the same time, harmful to our environment. We need to plan every action we take and always have a good sense of what we want our lawn to look like when we finish. This can be done alone or with help from your local landscape professionals.

So, what can we do to make our lawn more interesting? What can we do to make our lawn safe for our family and friends? This is where your local landscape artist can come in handy. Speak with someone who understands landscaping and make a plan with them on how you want your lawn to look. Having a good plan can always be a lifesaver.

Clearing unwanted trees

Trees, brushes, and tall shrubs can sometimes provide desperately needed shade and protection from other elements. But what do we do when a tree becomes somewhat obtrusive and grows taller than we want it to?

  • Chemical Method
  1. Make a half-inch-deep cut on a tree’s bark by making a vertical and a horizontal cut to curve out a piece or chunk of the wood. Make sure that you make a 4-inch-deep cut for a taller tree and at least 2 inches deep for a smaller one.
  2. Remove another chunk of the wood by making a second cut 2 inches away from the first. Place cuts like these along the circumference of the tree all the way to the first cut.
  3. Mix glyphosate with a water-soluble herbicide. You can either use a plastic spray bottle or a hose sprayer. Other water-soluble products can also be used.
  4. Apply the sprays immediately after cutting to prevent the tree from developing a protective layer over the cut. Make sure to fill each wound with about a milliliter of the herbicide.
  5. You can re-apply the spray after six weeks if it hasn’t died.

Chemical Method in Clearing Unwanted Trees

    • Felling Method
    1. Clear the space around the base of the tree you want to cut by removing all the fallen branches and leaves. Plan where you want the tree to fall and make a few escape paths in the opposite direction. Sometimes, trees fall in the wrong direction, so be sure to prepare an available escape plan.
    2. Make a V-shaped undercut on the side of the tree with a chainsaw. Make this cut where the planned falling side of the tree is. The undercut is done by making two cuts at opposing 45-degree angles a quarter of the way to the trunk, but make sure not to cut too deep so the tree will not split and fall in the other direction.
    3. Create a backcut on the opposite side of the tree and leave sufficient hinge wood to support or hold the tree to the stump during most of its fall. This is to make sure that the hinge is able to guide the tree’s fall in its intended direction.
    4. Remember to turn the chainsaw off after you make the cut. Make sure to take one of your planned escape routes and stay back while the tree falls.
    5. Remove all branches from the tree. You can also cut the trunk into smaller pieces.
    6. Cut or grind down the stump as short as possible to avoid tripping or accidents. If you want a total removal of the stump, you can either excavate the roots and pull out the small stumps or hire a professional in your area to pull the larger stumps out of the ground.

Felling Method in Clearing Unwanted Trees


After clearing out the unwanted trees on your lawn, you can now start to improve the overall look of your landscape. Professionals can help you with the designs appropriate for your taste and lifestyle.

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