Why Should I Prune My Trees?

A good landscape can lead to an absolute satisfaction when it comes to owning a house. This also enhances and increases the value of one’s property. While an awfully managed lawn diminishes the overall appearance of your home and boosts the risk related issues. Well, to achieve the perfect landscape for your home, PRUNING performs the most essential role. Pruning helps in preserving the integrity and scale of the landscape design. If a tree is grown in a home as part of owner’s landscape, pruning can lead the structure of the branch to a desired appearance and can guide the branches to become strong and irresistible from storm damage.

Although, the latter purpose is considered as the primary motive of homeowners in pruning their trees, there are still other equally significant factors to prune your trees.

6 Reasons Why You Should Prune Your Trees

  1. Who wouldn’t want a relaxing ambience? Pruning your trees is like grooming it. It impacts the total appearance of a tree since it improves its structure/shape. By eliminating dead limbs and dying branches, new growth production will stimulate. Removal of these branches will also allow the sun to penetrate deep into the interior of the plant. Exposure to the sun will lead to full expansion of foliage and maximization of photosynthesis.


  1. Safety and Protection. Who are you protecting to? Protect community and property. This is the most imperative reason why you should hire an arborist to do the pruning activity. As you may have noticed, trees planted near homes, parks and streets that are not properly maintained present a tremendous threat to human safety and property security. Mature trees if neglected with cavities and dead branches can propose risk by falling off or breaking off its heavy limbs and branches. Proper and regular maintenance of trees through pruning is promoted since removal of unhealthy tree is more cost-consuming.


  1. Disease Treatment. Not only humans need treatment when experiencing sickness but also trees encountering diseases. Through this process, potential damage to the main branch will be prevented. Only those injured, dead and dying branches will be removed for the sake of tree health. Pruning not only ceases the spreading of disease, it also assists treating it.


  1. Tree Size Restriction. Pruning procedure is most beneficial to areas with limited space. Think of this situation, you are living in an urban or suburban areas having a restricted place. You still decide to grow a tree for personal aesthetic satisfaction. Having been said the situation, what do you think will be the major problem? Tree growth, right? In this case, you should perform pruning regularly to keep trees and shrubs out-growing the space of your yard or garden. Professional assistance will surely be required in meticulous cases.
  1. Tree Growth. When an arborist performs proper technique of pruning trees, roots will become stronger. This means trees will grow healthier and of course more susceptible to storm damage.


  1. Co-dominant Leaders Removal.  Do not be confused. The term “Co-dominant Leaders” in tree terms means two branches growing near the top of a tree that grow straight up and become equally dominant. To avoid branches from splitting and tearing wood cause by heavy winds, it is highly recommended to cut off one of the dominant branches. This will allow the other branch to grow and act as the only dominant branch. Remember: The closer you get to the top of the tree, the less dominant a branch should be.


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