Low Impact Tree Service From Northern Lakes Tree Service

Here at Northern Lakes tree service we take a lot of pride in our work. We are known throughout the area as the “Low Impact Tree Service”. In other words the ground and other healthy trees around your home are not destroyed when were finished. We don’t use Bobcats or skid-steer loaders. When we do need machines we use our log loader truck which is also a “High Line Truck”. This enables us to work around many different types of properties where Bobcats and skid-steer loaders cannot.

Western Larch Tree that was removed only because it was to close to the home.This is how it works. A High Line Truck has winches and cables that are attached to an anchor point. Sometimes these points are hundreds of feet away either on flat land, up hill or down hill. It is able to pick up logs and piles of brush and bring them safely back to the truck without destroying the lawns and hill sides. This protects against erosion and costly damage to underground or above ground irrigation, leach fields, lawns and the landscape. We’ve even set roof trusses on new homes for local contractors. Crane trucks are not always able to do this because of the distance involved. So as long as we have an anchor point we can do almost anything around your property no matter what kind of access you do or don’t have.